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EUR Revision E: a frame to develop LWR designs for an open electricity market

The purpose of the EUR Document (Volumes 1, 2 & 4) is to present a clear, complete statement of Utility* expectations for Generation III NPPs. The EUR Document consists of a comprehensive NPP specification written by a group of the potential investors in electricity generation in Europe.

The main objectives of EUR Revision E (finalised in December 2016) are to update the EUR Document with new regulations from both the safety regulators (e.g. WENRA) and international organisations (mainly IAEA) in order to continue to provide a credible reference technical document containing the highest safety and competitiveness standards which will be used for development of new NPPs, as well as for bidding and licensing processes of new NPPs in Europe. 
In addition, the structure of the EUR Document has been modified significantly during the production of Revision E with regard to the organisation of requirements applicable to NI and PGP parts in Volumes 2 and 4 in order to simplify the use of the EUR Document during the bidding process. 

The EUR promoters

The EUR document is being developed by a group of the major European Gencos (electricity generation companies).

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