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Becoming an EUR Member

Why becoming an EUR Member

EUR Members can access the EUR Document (Volumes 1, 2 & 4) for free with full Rights of use for any application.

Through their involvement in the ongoing EUR activities, they can enrich their knowledge on additional or new topics.

Thanks to the design assessments performed by the EUR Association, the involved EUR Members get a deep knowledge of the designs available for the European market.

How to become an EUR Member?

Any applicant for EUR Membership shall send an application letter to the EUR Chairperson to justify its compliance with the pre-determined conditions. Additional information could be requested if needed.

Applicant representatives are then invited to present their company, their motivation and future involvement in EUR activities to the EUR Steering Committee.

If the application is accepted, the final step for becoming a new EUR Member is the endorsement of the EUR Statutes and EUR Charter.

Application Form for EUR Membership

Please provide the following personal information, and explain the main motivations of your company for becoming an EUR Member and how the pre-determined conditions are fulfilled (experience in power generation, nuclear new projects and sufficient skills to participate in EUR activities).