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Design Assessments

Conditions for EUR Design Assessment

A positive assessment of compliance by the EUR Association is a significant advantage on the European market. It provides a good confidence that the design complies with the European utility needs.
A LWR nuclear project can be considered as an acceptable candidate to the EUR design assessment when it meets the following conditions:

  • Its Vendor intends to be present on the European market and, at least, two “sponsors” and two “supporters” amongst the EUR Members, commit respectively to assess and review the compliance assessment.
  • Its level of development is sufficient to allow a detailed assessment of compliance vs. the 5000 requirements of the Volume 2 of the EUR Document.
  • The project documentation (Design Description and Self-Assessment) is accessible to the assessment performers (language, conditions of use, specific non-disclosure agreement needed, etc.).
  • Sufficient resource is available on the Vendor side as well as on the EUR Association side to develop the corresponding subset of the EUR Document Volume 3.

Download the design assessment guidelines

EUR General Assessment Principles
EUR Design Assessment Standard Project Manual
53 EUR Key Issues for Pre assessment

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