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Profit Making Organisations

EUR Document
distribution rules for
Profit-making Organisations

Profit-making Organisations include such organisations as:

  • Vendors and suppliers of technologies for NPPs, for purposes other than assessment of their own design (s) or specific features, or assessment without feedback to the EUR Association. 
  • Research Centres and Universities (for use in the frame of services like research, training or support services or studies provided to a Third Party).
  • Technical Support Organisations (TSO) and Engineering Service companies providing technical support and/or engineering services in the field of the nuclear electricity generation and its related markets; and
  • European Utilities and non-European Utilities, which are unwilling or are not meeting the conditions to join the EUR Organisation as Full, Associated or Observer Members.

Profit-making Organisations will be allowed to access the EUR Document (Volumes 1, 2 and 4) in support of their activities after royalties payment of
100 000€.

“Rights of use for any use and NDA” shall be signed by a senior representative of the company. 

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The Profit-making Organisations stakeholder’s category includes all organisations which have commercial objectives, or which could use the EUR Document data in own projects specifications or in service contract for third parties.